The site for this eight hundred square foot cabin is a dense forest of evergreens on the east side Whidbey Island in Washington State. The site affords a focused view north of Saratoga Passage and Mount Baker. The design goal was to capture this distant northern view while enhancing the interior with abundant natural light. The result was a plan where the primary living space is defined by two walls of glass bracketed at each end by two solid structures. These solids contain the master bedroom at one end and a studio at the other. A covered outdoor breezeway, for outdoor dining and relaxing, separates the studio from the living room.

The wood framed structure rests on a two rows of parallel concrete foundation walls. The roof structure is constructed with laminated wood beams and dimensional lumber. Floor to ceiling windows open the interior to the outside. To meet a very tight budget, the interior finishes are simple and inexpensive - strip hardwood for flooring and painted drywall at walls and ceilings.