C3 Cabin exterior
Also included are engineered Structural Plans and diagrammatic Electrical Plans. The information contained therein is suitable for general pricing and construction of the Cabin. However additional information will be required by the owner for final pricing. This additional design and specification information may include, but is not limited to, structural design for special site conditions, electrical system design and fixture selection, plumbing system design and fixture selection, hardware selection, and heating and or cooling system design.

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The bath, while compact, contains an over-sized shower. The sleeping loft sits above both the kitchen and bathroom and is open to the living space below.

With many operable windows on both levels, natural cross ventilation is assured. The design features a wood burning stove; electric or gas heating are also options.

Exterior materials were chosen for initial low cost and minimal maintenance over time. Both fiber cement and metal panels meet both requirements. Not affected by mold, water absorption or insect infestation, the siding and metal roofing require only periodic washing based on site conditions.


The construction documents consist of a set of eight 24" x 36" drawing sheets. Each set contains Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Building Sections, Detail Wall Sections, Window and Door Schedules, and thirty Large Scale Construction Details.

As the world becomes more complex and demanding of time, energy, and money, many find a need to reduce and simplify. The C3 Cabin was born out of that desire. Whereas the footprint may be small this cabin lives large. With only 352 square feet on the main floor and 128 square feet in the loft, the cabin yet encompasses all the domestic needs of homes many times larger.

The design of this cabin was premised on three goals: provide the required spaces for an extended stay cabin within a minimal footprint; provide a quality of space and abundant natural daylight typically not found a structure this size; and provide for simple construction and maintenance.

Within the sixteen by twenty-two foot footprint, the ground floor contains a living space, kitchen, and bath. With doors opening on three sides, the interior literally opens up to the outdoors. The compact kitchen provides for a variety of appliance configurations depending on individual needs.