Vandeventer + Carlander Architects
We believe that architectural detail and quality construction are critical. We believe every project is capable of excellence.

We are not enamored by complexity and work tirelessly to imbue our projects with an inevitability in the their design solutions. These efforts we often refer to as "wholeness" and are not fully realized until the last detail is drawn on the last sheet.

The trust our clients have placed in us has enabled us to produce a distinguished body of work. Having been honored with several local and international design awards, we continue to be committed to the quality of our work and to providing our clients with exceptional, dedicated service. We look forward to continuing collaboration with our clients and a growing diversity in our work.

Since 1998, Vandeventer + Carlander Architects has striven to produce architecturally innovative projects that both exceed client expectations and prove the value of good design. Foremost, these projects speak to our belief that our work must be rooted in "appropriateness". Our projects must function for their intended use, meeting programmatic needs, but must also transcend that use. Each project must be appropriate to its site and context yet must manifest an underlying integrity of architectural concept and design excellence.

Whereas our past projects are as varied as our clients and their sites, there are design concepts common to all. In our work, the site always speaks first. We believe that good architecture is born out of the synergy between building and site. We believe that our work should tend towards quiet elegance over visual noise; a whisper is more powerful then a shout. We believe that natural light is vital to the functionality of and the well being in any building.