woods and stones that mutually supports and reinforces the vibrancy of natural light. In addition, every material was left natural, receiving only a clear, transparent finish.

Sandstone flooring is used in the entry, dining and living room. The quality of its texture, warmth of color, and association with permanence and high quality determined the choice of this flooring material. Complementing the sandstone is vertical grain bamboo. This wood flooring was chosen for its compatibility in color and texture with the sandstone. The bamboo flooring is used in the kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms. In the bedrooms tightly woven sisal carpets define central furniture locations. Throughout the lower level, terrazzo flooring is installed. The terrazzo complements beautifully the wood of the cabinets and the light colored finish of plastered walls. The light yellow binder of the aggregate lightens those areas not served by natural light.

Walls are finished smooth. Color is integral to the plaster. This finish reinforces the quality that all materials used are presented in their natural state without need for embellishment. Colors range from cool white to a warm, pale grey depending on area.

Walls in the bathrooms are finished in glass tiles. The natural color of the glass reflects and amplifies light.

Casework is finished with yellow cedar veneer. This very fine textured wood is light in color and finishes beautifully. Countertops are Jura gray limestone and Brazilian green slate. The visual texture of the limestone and the depth of color of the slate contrast with the fine-grained uniformity of the yellow cedar.

Located in a development of large luxury villas outside Shanghai, "Silent Waters" was an investigation into the relationship between garden and building and finish materials.

The house is comprised of two wings joined by a glass enclosed entry hall. To the west, on the main level is found a double-height living room as well as two bedrooms. These spaces open onto terraces and have river views. In the east wing is located the dining room which opens onto gardens to the south. A western kitchen opens to the dining room; behind is the enclosed Chinese kitchen. Service functions are located in northern end of this wing.

The glass enclosed entry features a grand stair which floats between two water features. By locating the stair centrally, this major circulation space is afforded views south of the private gardens and to the north of the entry courtyard.

On the upper level the master suite is located in the east wing. While the master bedroom has unobstructed views to the south, the dressing and bath areas benefit from the eastern exposure for morning light. The upper west wing contains two additional bedrooms and a study which cantilevers out into the living room.

The entry courtyard is a quiet, enclosed place of contemplation. The south gardens provide areas for entertaining and outdoor activities.

The interior of villa was envisioned to be a calm container of natural light. In contrast to a bold presentation of the Indian sandstone and copper on the exterior, the interior palette is a collection of