Inside, the cabin is detailed with durable stone flooring, an exposed wood beam upper floor structure, and walls and ceilings finished in both naturally-finished wood and painted drywall.
To maintain a familiarity with adjacent beach homes, the exterior roof uses a classic gable form. Detailing, however, is refined and contemporary to avoid mimicry of older architectural styles. A standing seam metal roof, with concealed gutter, keeps the cabin's form simple and uncluttered. Exterior walls are finished with dark-stained horizontal siding, installed as a rain screen. This construction technique allows for the exterior siding to "breathe", minimizing long term maintenance and longevity of the siding. Window and door openings are carefully located to provide panoramic views of Holmes Harbor, and to allow for cross ventilation and ample natural light on both floors.
In this new cabin designed for a waterfront lot on Whidbey Island, clean contemporary detailing brings a modern feel to an otherwise small, classic beach cabin.

Due to shoreline development restrictions and a limited budget, the design for the new cabin re-uses an existing twenty-four foot square concrete foundation from a pre-existing structure. Whereas the area of this foundation could not accommodate the programmatic needs of the client, a cantilevered service volume has been added to provide additional floor area.

On the first level, the original foundation footprint allows for a "Great Room" providing living, dining, and kitchen areas. The location of the kitchen allows easy access to exterior terraces to the north and south. A mud room, bathroom, and mechanical room are located in the added volume cantilevered off the original foundation. Upstairs a guest bunkroom, master bedroom, and shared bathroom provide accommodations for the owners and their guests.