The horizontality of the building is reinforced with white limestone banding applied to cantilevered floor slab edges. At the top, a large trellis canopy supports solar panels and provides shade to the executive terraces.
Adjacent to a large residential development, the Xi'An Riverside Office Building is the headquarters for a large Chinese land development company. An adjoining corporate clubhouse serves both the office building and executives living in the adjoining development.

Six stories in height, the office building feature two-story public spaces on the lower levels and open-office uses on the upper four floors. The ground level is designed to be integral with the surroundings by bringing water and landscape features into the interior. A central atrium extends up through the building. Stairways and bridges span the atrium to provide easy access between floors and across the atrium. Meeting rooms, clad in wood, cantilever out into the open volume of the atrium, enlivening the space. Large window walls open the atrium to the exterior. The sixth floor accommodates offices for the senior Executives. Each executive has a private terrace adjacent to his or her office. A centrally located service core contains elevators, bathrooms, and support functions.

The corporate clubhouse, adjacent to the office building, is sunk into and integral with the landscape. A series of landscaped terraces and water features descend down to the buried clubhouse. The clubhouse opens onto these sunken gardens

On the exterior, ground floor spaces are sheathed with black limestone. The office levels feature extensive glazing to allow for maximum natural lighting and to provide for views; zinc metal fins provide vertical accents.