walls are continuous steel and plywood bar counters for casual seating. To enhance the concept that this is a community space, just inside the primary store entry is a children's zone centered on a low table with large cushions. The table features built-in easels for kids to create. The same lighting fixture used at the community table anchors this area, unifying this zone with the overall space. Large wall areas provide display of local art and community images.

Materials used include steel, wood and painted drywall. The use of these materials was predicated on availability, cost, and character. The existing concrete floor was ground and polished. The existing ceiling finish was left in place and painted black; below it, a screen of paralam lumber beams were installed to modulate the space and provide visual warmth. Lighting fixtures, both exposed and recessed, provide ambient and accent lighting to enhance the spacious nature of the space as well as the needed task lighting.

Our client asked us to assist in the design of a new community-owned coffee house. This new venture includes not only the sale of premium coffee beverages, but also wine, beer, and gelato. Occupying a premier location in Ketchum, the retail shop strives to reflect its community ownership model through its design.

The concept for the coffee house was developed with the following goals:

  • 1. Orient the space to take advantage of its southwest exposure and views of Bald Mountain;
  • 2. Utilize the space to promote logical flow to the various products and services offered;
  • 3. Use common materials in a clear and elegant manner.

Enjoying views and natural light, customer retail areas are located in the main volume of the space with service functions pushed to the rear. Mediating between the needs of patrons and baristas, a large curved service counter is centrally located. Accent lighting highlights beverage and food products. An early decision was to open the space to the outdoors, increasing flexibility of use and connection to the community. As such a bay of existing fixed storefront windows was replaced with a new folding door system. Immediately inside this new opening, is the "Community" table, a 16 foot long steel and plywood table on rolling casters. Oversize domed lighting fixtures illuminate and accent this area. Immediately behind the community table along the wall is a continuous bench providing seating for both large groups and intimate gatherings. This seating area enjoys magnificent views of Baldy. Along the window